Case Studies
In house capabilities at CMG Technologies

The MIM process provides a range of benefits, from intricacy of design to cost effectiveness, suited to firms within a number of unique sectors. Many of the components we have produced have led to award-winning projects, while others have revolutionised products with life changing results.

On this page, you can find case studies on some of the projects we have facilitated in-house and their real-world impacts.

Biker off to the races thanks to CMG 3D printed part

Problem: One of our dedicated customers required a titanium rear axle nut for their offroad motocross bike – although had…

3D printing is cost-effective solution for leading UK cable assembly manufacturer

Problem:   The UK’s leading cable assembly manufacturer, Rockford, required bespoke levers compatible with BAND-IT tools.   While the company were able…

From functional 3D printed prototypes to 15,000 annual MIM parts

Problem:  Construction specialist, Raaft, needed to find a manufacturer to provide stainless steel blinds for use within its innovative products.  …

Metal 3D printing helps world’s leading boat manufacturer meet increasing demand

Problem:  Williams Jet Tenders builds three different types of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) certified boats. Each model requires…

Tethered photography issue solved with metal 3D printing

Problem:  Bob Foyers shoots tethered, a process of connecting a camera to a computer displaying photos as they are taken….

3D printing achieves cost-effectiveness and quality for boat impeller

Problem:  Max Beswick required a high-quality custom boat impeller which boasted strength and rigidity for personal use. However, high costs…

Metal 3D printing transforms Mutiny Shaving razor

Problem: Mutiny Shaving wanted to offer its customers a stainless-steel version of its popular razors, expertly printed by 3DPrintingCornwall. They…

DB Orthodontics: CMG reduces pain of braces

Problem:   Anyone who had fixed metal braces as a child will remember the pain when the end of the…

CMG DTR Medical

CMG Robotic Hands

CMG is the ideal candidate for making intricate, vital parts for life-saving ventilators

Problem: Servomex’s sensor technology brand Hummingbird required support to manufacture vital parts for its Paracube oxygen sensor.  The sensor is…

CMG collaboration delivers MediWales Innovation Award 2012 for DTR Medical

CMG Technologies helps BSA Guns increase air rifle quality at reduced costs

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