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Metal 3D printing transforms Mutiny Shaving razor

Metal 3D printed stainless steel razor

Mutiny Shaving wanted to offer its customers a stainless-steel version of its popular razors, expertly printed by 3DPrintingCornwall. They needed a company which could offer metal 3D printing in the UK, while providing high quality and precision.  


Owner of 3DPrintingCornwall, Michael Hunt, met Director of CMG Technologies, Rachel Garrett, at an industry event previously. Therefore, Mr Hunt was aware of CMG Technologies’ expertise and capabilities. So, he suggested Mutiny Shaving sought the support of CMG.  


CMG Technologies collaborated with 3DPrintingCornwall to create Mutiny Shaving’s stainless-steel R1 razor. Combining the skills of both companies ensured the high-quality end product desired by Mutiny Shaving. 

The design was drawn up with expert precision by 3DPrintingCornwall, to account for the necessary complexities of metal 3D printing. The printing, debinding and sintering stages were all completed in-house by CMG Technologies.  

In comparison to Mutiny Shaving’s plastic products, the stainless-steel R1 can ensure lifetime use. Printed using CMG Tech-X filament, the razor is more durable and can be repolished as and when necessary.  

Case study 

Mutiny Shaving is a supplier of ethical razors, with the aim to ending the use of disposable plastic products.  

All of their shaving products are 100% recyclable or biodegradable, and their packaging is made from recycled paper, card and eco tape.  

While they are only a two-person team, they believe in making a big impact.  

The stainless-steel R1 razor is the perfect addition to their sustainable range of products. The durability, design and performance have led to Mutiny Shaving intending to add the razor as a permanent product.  

CMG Technologies’ Head of 3D Printing, Dr Samuel Wilberforce, tested the razor on himself.  

He said: “It has been a pleasure to work on this Mutiny Shaving product with help from 3DPrintingCornwall.  

“We have been able to achieve precise and intricate detail within the stainless-steel R1 razor, as well durability.  

“It has been designed perfectly and, after using the razor myself, I can vouch for its performance.” 

You can find out more about CMG Technologies’ 3D printing services here