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CMG collaboration delivers MediWales Innovation Award 2012 for DTR Medical

DTR Medical - sharp cutting jaw for a new single-use Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch

DTR Medical wanted assistance in developing a new single-use instrument for healthcare providers to use in testing for cervical cancer. This would replace instruments sourced from the Far East, which came with unreliable lead times and high costs.


CMG Technologies used the MIM process to develop an innovative instrument using Stainless Steel 17 -4. The strong qualities of this metal allowed the creation of top and bottom jaws to secure a clean cut of tissue from first use, resulting in a high quality mass produced instrument at low cost.

The innovative development of the cervical biopsy punch is now widely used by healthcare providers across the UK and Overseas, and was recognised for its clinical value in 2012 winning the MediWales Innovation Award.


In 2012 CMG Technologies helped single-use sterile product supplier, DTR Medical, to develop the cervical biopsy punch – an award winning product recognised for providing clinical value to healthcare providers at reduced costs.

The new product was introduced to replace single use instruments sourced from the Far East – which came with unreliable supply and lead times, together with high costs to the NHS and other health care providers.

Case Study

DTR Medical’s Managing Director, Andrew Davidson explains, “When I initially contacted CMG Technologies our previous supplier was going into administration and our customers couldn’t afford the faltering quality and lengthy lead times for instruments sourced from the Far East.

“I quickly became confident in CMG’s capabilities as a UK manufacturer and saw the benefit in the MIM process as a cost effective alternative for developing mass produced single-use instruments of consistent high quality.”

CMG Technologies manufactured the cervical biopsy punch using Stainless Steel 17-4, a metal renowned for its combination of high strength and good mechanical properties at temperatures of up to 600 F.

Using this material, CMG’s technical team adjusted the mix to develop the rotating instrument, creating top and bottom jaws with a tight tolerance to secure a clean cut of tissue from first use – benefitting both the gynaecologist and patient in hand.

The high quality and cost-effective status of the finished cervical biopsy punch was quickly recognised by the medical industry, resulting in a customer increase of 33% and achievement of the MediWales Innovation Award 2012.

Andrew continues, “I am extremely grateful to CMG Technologies for all their input and hard work into developing the cervical biopsy punch – a market leading product that helped us to win the MediWales Innovation Award 2012, by ensuring we are able to provide consistent high clinical value to all our customers at affordable costs.

“This would not have been possible without using the MIM process, which also offers us the potential to improve price and capacity as volume grows, providing greater benefit to healthcare providers with increased demand.”

The cervical biopsy punch is now used by 50 customers in the UK and Overseas with many more in the testing stage, supporting DTR Medical’s expected growth of 300% over the next few years – what’s more the product also conforms to DTR Medical’s ongoing commitment to developing sustainable instruments with limited environmental impact.

Andrew continues, “We recently conducted a Life Cycle Analysis on the Rotating Biopsy Punch revealing an environmental impact nearly three times less than that of a Pakistan-made Tischler. This ‘greener’ biopsy punch serves to highlight our commitment to producing medical products in the most sustainable manner possible and working with CMG Technologies has helped facilitate this.”

CMG Technologies’ Managing Director, Chris Conway, says:

“CMG Technologies is delighted that the MIM process has helped DTR Medical to develop an innovative product that has benefitted healthcare providers across the UK and Overseas, resulting in company growth and an industry award.”

“We are in no doubt that the popularity of this product will continue to grow and look forward to working with DTR Medical moving forwards.”

For further information about the cervical biopsy punch please visit DTR Medical’s dedicated web page here.