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CMG Technologies helps BSA Guns increase air rifle quality at reduced costs

BSA Guns

BSA Guns required a new manufacturer to develop complex air rifle components for use in its sporting range of products, following quality and delivery issues with its previous supplier.


CMG Technologies provides BSA Guns with a one stop solution for the manufacture of air rifle components using the MIM process. This included the refurbishment of tooling (owned by BSA) and other secondary operations such as continued support for heat management of MIM components, and full quality documentation and capability reports.

Overall this has improved the quality of BSA Guns’ air rifle components, whilst saving cost per piece on a mass scale.


Iconic air rifle manufacturer, BSA Guns, has announced improved air rifle component quality and overall cost savings, thanks to metal injection moulding specialist CMG Technologies.

BSA Guns initially approached CMG Technologies in early 2013 to request assistance in the development of its sporting air rifle range, following quality issues with its previous precision component manufacturer.

CMG Technologies were initially tasked with the development of turnkey components required for the air rifle’s trigger action, together with other metal injection moulded components specifically for its sporting range of products.

Using various metal alloys, CMG’s technical team manipulated the metal to mould the components in line with BSA Guns’ heat treatment requirements, resulting in small, complex components produced on a mass scale.

Case Study

CMG Technologies’ Managing Director, Chris Conway comments, “The air rifle components produced for BSA Guns is an excellent example of the benefits of the MIM process.

“Not only have we been able to mass produce high quality components, we have also helped to reduce overall company costs by introducing other secondary operations into the one process.”

CMG Technologies has now worked with BSA Guns for over a year and has developed its initial brief of component production into a one stop solution for all air rifle components, by refurbishing tooling and introducing secondary operations. This includes ongoing support for heat management of other components and full quality documentation and capability reports.

As a result CMG Technologies has helped BSA Guns improve the quality of its air rifle components and ensure cost saving per piece on a mass scale.

Simon Barron Head of Operations at BSA Guns confirms:

“Our designed complex components were a perfect fit for the Metal injection Moulding process, and I am extremely impressed by CMG’s ability to help us to develop higher quality air rifle components at reduced costs.

“This is a process that can be used on many different applications in engineering, and is one designers definitely need to be more aware of due to its unique capabilities in making very small complex metal parts at a consistent level of quality.”

For further information about BSA Guns sporting range of air rifles, please visit its dedicated web page here.