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From functional 3D printed prototypes to 15,000 annual MIM parts


Construction specialist, Raaft, needed to find a manufacturer to provide stainless steel blinds for use within its innovative products.  

The company had two designs in mind but required a cost-effective and results-led method to test them.  


CMG Technologies are experts in metal fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing. 

Head of 3D Printing, Dr Samuel Wilberforce, used the manufacturing method to create 3D printed prototypes before Raaft committed to MIM production.  


Two designs were printed using CMG Tech-X 316L stainless steel filament on a 3DGence MP260x printer.  

The parts were debound in acetone at 42°C for 24 hours before being sintered at temperatures of 1,250 °C in a hydrogen atmosphere. Meanwhile, the backbone polymer binder was removed at temperatures of 600°C under overpressure.  

Due to the intricacy required for the blinds, CMG Technologies’ metal 3D printing process was the perfect option for prototyping. The sintered blinds had a dimensional tolerance of within 0.5-1% of the required dimensions, confirming the accuracy of the sintering process. Also, the parts fulfilled the requirement of being compatible with a 2.5mm Allen key.  

Following thorough testing of the blinds by CMG Technologies and Raaft, a final design was confirmed for MIM production. Now, more than 15,000 blinds are manufactured using MIM with maximum client satisfaction.

MIM produced part


Case study: 

Raaft is a specialist in the construction of modular terrace systems.  

Founded by Stuart Bowie in a small rented office, the London-based company is now an international choice in terrace systems.  

Their expert team have a passion for innovation, which is shared by CMG Technologies.  

Dr Samuel Wilberforce, Head of 3D Printing, said: “Metal FFF 3D printing has ability to transform and optimise products.  

“We were delighted to provide Raaft with functional stainless steel prototypes which were later used as the base for MIM production.  

“It’s another example of the benefits 3D printing can provide companies.” 

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