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Metal 3D printing helps world’s leading boat manufacturer meet increasing demand

Williams Jet Tenders 3D metal FFF printed 17-4PH stainless steeel PP SOLAS gas-cable connectors for use in SOLAS-certified boats.

Williams Jet Tenders builds three different types of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) certified boats. Each model requires intricate gas bottle cable connectors, and SOLAS certified crafts are increasing in demand.  

In order to meet that rising demand, they needed a manufacturer which could create intricate, high-quality parts in large quantities. 


CMG Technologies are experts in optimising additive manufacturing to create strong yet durable parts for numerous industries and uses.  

Head of 3D Printing, Dr Samuel Wilberforce, used metal fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing to the client’s needs.  


The gas bottle cable connectors were printed using CMG Tech-X 17-4PH filament on 3DGence and BCN3D printers. Following the printing process, the green parts were debound and then sintered at temperatures of 1250°C under 100% hydrogen gas.  

After sintering, the parts were M4 threaded to ensure safe and secure use. Finally, the parts underwent tumble polishing and cleaning. 

The final product had a dimensional tolerance of within 1% of the required dimensions – proving CMG Technologies’ printing and sintering process is the ideal option to achieve intricate results.  

Case study: 

Williams Jet Tenders is the world’s leading specialist in jet tender manufacturing for marine applications.  

Based in Oxfordshire, the company was founded by brothers and craftsmen John and Mathew Williams. 

Beginning in a converted shed, the company now operates out of a factory in Berinsfield and their models can be found across the world.  

A spokesperson for Williams Jet Tenders said:  

“We have been hugely impressed with the team at CMG Technologies to manufacture the steel gas cable connectors used in our SOLAS certified boats.  

“We now offer SOLAS technology on three of our models (DieselJet 505, 565 and 625), and these boats are increasing in demand, meaning the role played by CMG Technologies and the parts they supply is extremely important.  

“Thank you for all the hard work and high standards of service you continue to provide to make the production of these boats work so excellently.” 

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