CMG Technologies has been involved in many life-changing and lifesaving projects within the medical industry, regularly made possible by our innovative MIM process.

We expertly employ this technology to produce vital components with a level of intricacy that perfectly lends them to the precise tasks they are required for in medical fields.

CMG recently contributed greatly to the national push for lifesaving ventilators during the coronavirus pandemic. The MIM process allowed complex, detailed components to be made quickly and efficiently. This crucially helped to send many more ventilators onto the frontline of the nation’s battle against the virus.

Our work has also served to protect lives by diagnosing threatening illnesses at an early stage. We worked alongside DTR Medical to produce a sterile single-use cutting jaw for a rotating cervical biopsy punch. This equipment is now used by the NHS to test for cervical cancer. We had to ensure that the component struck a balance between being meticulous and affordable. The success of our work in meeting these aims was testified by the 88% of clinicians that were prepared to recommend the device to their colleagues.

The MIM process is the ideal candidate for the manufacturing of components used in the medical industry. The level of detail it can achieve vastly improves the experience of both professionals and their patients. The scalpel handles we produce in-house for NHS use meet the profession’s high standards of safety and accuracy. We also helped to develop an archwire cover for metal braces for DB Orthodontics. This helps wearers to complete their dental treatment without pain and discomfort.

Even single-use medical equipment requires intricacy, durability and functionality that often cannot be achieved at a competitive cost using traditional manufacturing methods. The MIM process offers a range of design and material possibilities and reduces costs by coring and lessening the need for post-production processes such as welding and plating.

CMG Technologies is well-versed in producing revolutionary products for medical purposes. For all industry disciplines, the MIM process can help to produce small components that make a big impact to the industry and peoples’ lives.