Using our expertise in Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), CMG Technologies helps our industrial clients stand out from their competitors. Like each sector we cater for, our MIM process is integral to the quality of our clients’ products. 

The technology, which we have perfected through years of experience, allows firms to launch market-disrupting products. Additionally, MIM provides their products with the detail they desire, while also allowing for the use of tougher or more appropriate materials. Therefore, their products are the highest quality they can be. 

Not only does MIM help support innovative products, but it can also be used to increase safety. Another client of CMG Technologies is Gripple Ltd, which creates wire joining suspension kits and ground anchors used in construction and agriculture. Originally using zinc alternatives, our services have allowed Gripple products to be made of stainless steel instead. Therefore, the products are fire and heat resistant, as well being much stronger. 

Our work for Gripple Ltd sees us create the stainless-steel hanger used for the suspension of heating and air conditioning, pipework and more. Thanks to MIM, the versatile kit is quick to install, durable, safe and simple to use, lightweight, aesthetic and strong. In fact, each stainless-steel hanger can support up to 90kg. 

From our experience, clients have often put off creating products using traditional methods due to a lack of quality and cost effectiveness. However, our entirely in-house MIM process is the perfect solution to producing durable components at a competitive price. It is also suitable for the creation of small and large annual volumes while producing minimal waste. 

To find out how MIM could support your business and its products, visit our Benefits, Markets & Applications page. Alternatively, get in touch with us via our contact page and one of our team will be happy to help.