CMG Technologies has contributed to many innovative products using its expertise in Metal Injection Moulding (MIM). This technology allows CMG to create intricate components to enhance products in the automotive sector. 

There are many benefits of using MIM within the automotive industry. Due to the intricate capabilities and minimal waste, MIM provides a cost-effective option to improve products. Therefore, CMG Technologies can help revolutionise various technologies for less than using other methods. 

Fine powders used throughout the MIM process help achieve a high-end finish, creating aesthetically perfect products at ease. Usually, companies seeking this technology would need to source it from overseas to save costs. However, our entirely in-house service means we can provide UK companies with a quality service at a similar, if not lower, cost. 

Our work within the automotive sector is vast and assists our clients on the road to achieving a seamless product. We had the privilege of creating components to revolutionise cruise control systems, allowing cars to match the vehicle in front and therefore brake with them. This technology has significantly increased safety for motorists using our client’s cars and we are proud to have contributed to that.  

Additionally, our MIM methods are used in the development of a key fob for a luxury British car manufacturer. CMG Technologies creates highly aesthetic and complex components which are integral to the surround of the fob. While we offer our services across the world, we are always happy to support our fellow British businesses. 

CMG Technologies is an expert in using MIM to create intricate components, as well 3D metal printing as a complimentary technology for moulded parts. 

We are proud to have worked with many fascinating clients to enhance their products. From components for robotic hands to parts for life-saving ventilators, you can find out more about our work on our case studies page. 

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