CMG Technologies has played a role in enhancing many innovative products around the world. Using its expertise in Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), it can offer support traditional methods cannot across many sectors including aerospace. 

The technology and manufacturing of aeroplanes is always evolving but one aspect which remains a priority is safety. CMG Technologies uses its expertise in the MIM process to ensure the safe landing of aircrafts. 

We manufacture components used in the landing gear of a brand of aeroplanes. Our components allow for the smooth and secure movement of the equipment ahead of landing and after take-off. MIM offers the perfect solution to support the aerospace sector, which requires a heavy focus on minimising weight. Using MIM, we can reduce the weight of components by using a process called coring. 

Coring includes the insertion of holes to reduce cross sections, achieve uniform thickness and reduce material use, therefore reducing the weight. This method is used across many areas of MIM and hands itself for use in the aerospace industry. 

While minimising the weight of the component is key in this instance, the product does not fall short of intricacy and durability. The stainless steel feedstock used in our MIM process ensures the densified end product is strong and equipped for its use. 

CMG Technologies is an expert in MIM and continuously explores new ways to enhance its process, as well as offering 3D printing and fibre optic services. To find out more about the benefits of MIM, please visit our Benefits, Markets & Applications page. 

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