Swann-Morton Testimonial

Swann Morton part

CMG Technologies aren’t just a supplier to us, we view them as an extension of our own business. It was a big decision for us to outsource the manufacture of our handles, but it’s one we’ve never looked back on.

Under an exclusivity agreement, CMG now supplies virtually the complete range of our Metal Surgical Handles and having the handles Metal Injection Moulded (MIM) has given us many benefits. With CMG’s MIM process it has enabled us to look at a very different method of design and manufacture, which was not available to our business through conventional manufacturing routes. CMG’s MIM process has also maintained the finish quality of our Metal Surgical Handles enabling our product to stand out when compared to our competition, enabling us to remain at the forefront of a very competitive market.

We have always worked very closely with CMG on the design of the handles to ensure that the parts are optimised for the process. As such, together we have pushed the boundaries of their Advanced Metal Injection Moulding process as CMG now supply handles to us which are 210mm long. They are also supplying us with a hollow handle which is made up of two parts and then sintered together as one.

Without CMG’s MIM technology it would have been very difficult for us to maintain our high-quality standards, which includes 100% final inspection criteria of each individual handle, whilst remaining competitive in the market.