CMG Technologies’ expertise in Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) allows it to create intricate components for all sectors. Whether it is life-saving medical equipment or creating delicate parts for items of jewellery, there is no limit to the benefits of MIM. 

The MIM process and jewellery may not be two things you would expect to go together, but they fit each other like a ring to a finger. CMG Technologies’ is able to create intricate, yet durable, parts suitable for items of jewellery. 

Fine powders are used within the MIM process which allows, alongside the jewellery polisher we use, for an exceptional finish of around RA 0.4-0.6 for jewellery products. Like all sectors, the ability to create small accurate parts leads to minimum waste, as well as cost effectiveness. By coming to CMG Technologies, manufacturers can open up the design toolbox for all their items. 

One of our clients, Valour Bands, came to us for the creation of metal castings and links for modular bracelets. The bracelets are used to display the ribbons of military medals. Using MIM, we can create small scale components with the durability needed for a bracelet of this kind. By providing the metal castings and links to Valour Bands, military personnel can wear their medals with pride, instead of displaying them in a box. 

CMG Technologies also works alongside a company which makes replacement watch straps for a high-end luxury brand. We use MIM to create tang buckles for the straps. Similar to a belt buckle, a tang buckle is a type of watch closure featuring a pin which slots through a hole in the strap. 

CMG Technologies is an expert in creating intricate components across many different sectors, including agriculture. To find out more about how MIM could help you, visit our Benefits of MIM page.  

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