New sintering oven will help CMG access new markets

Sintering oven

CMG Technologies is pleased to announce that it has taken delivery of a new sintering oven which will help it to access new markets by enabling the manufacture of additional materials.

Purchased through a business grant awarded by New Anglia LEP, the new furnace was delivered to CMG’s manufacturing facility in Rendlesham, Suffolk last week and has already been put to good use with the innovative production of Titanium components.

As the technical leader in its field, CMG Technologies always strives to continually push the boundaries of Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) and boasts the capability to formulate its own feedstock – enabling the production of very high-quality components finished to 95-96% in density.

The investment in the new furnace means CMG Technologies now has the in-house capability to manufacture complex components using precious metals such as titanium, at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional manufacturing methods. This is achieved by only using the material required to manufacture the component to a ‘Net Shape’, eliminating the costly production of ‘scrap metal’.

CMG’s development of MIM Titanium was originally achieved through a joint collaboration with Johnson Matthey and Sheffield University, as Technical and Production Director, Phil Marsh explains,  

“Our collaboration with Johnson Matthey and Sheffield University was a great success, resulting in Titanium components with an excellent surface finish of RA 0.6 and a high density of 95%.

“Following our investment in the new furnace, we will now be able to produce high-quality Titanium components in-house, facilitating business growth as we access a diverse range of new markets looking to invest in a high commodity, lightweight metal at a significant reduction in costs.”

Both existing and new customers will also benefit from the metal’s strength, durability and biocompatibility, which is particularly desirable for a wide range of applications in the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors.

CMG Technologies’ Sales & Marketing Director, Rachel Garrett, says, “Over recent years CMG Technologies has increased its customer base by 56%. We are extremely excited about the future and grateful for the funding from New Anglia LEP which has enabled us to significantly speed up our growth.”