EEF highlights CMG’s ‘Metal Revolution’ in members’ magazine

Members magazine CMG article

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, has included a feature about CMG’s ‘Metal Revolution’ in the latest issue of its members’ magazine, Insights.

The Insights feature highlights how CMG Technologies is helping UK industry re-shore production and volume manufacture intricate 3D printed prototypes thanks to its World-leading Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) capabilities.

CMG Technical Sales and Marketing Director, Rachel Garrett, comments, “MIM, also known as 3D Metal Moulding, is still relatively unknown in the UK compared with traditional machining methods, so we are extremely excited that EEF has included this piece in its magazine for members.

“We are keen to significantly raise awareness of the capabilities of MIM with UK manufacturers; EEF is a well-respected organisation and hopefully this article will help to get readers thinking about alternative manufacturing methods for volume complex components.”

CMG’s Managing Director, Chris Conway, is quoted saying, “MIM is a greener, faster, more cost-effective process than CNC machining. By avoiding the process of brazing various components we speed up the manufacturing process and use only the materials needed, without any waste.”

Please click on this link to download a PDF of the article.

The Insights piece follows an approach from the EEF to add CMG Technologies’ directors to its panel of spokespeople drawn from a wide range of manufacturing companies and industry experts. 

Rachel Garrett continues, “We are delighted to have been invited to join EEF’s panel of professionals – MIM offers a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing and is already used by some of the UK’s leading aerospace and medical devices manufacturers.

“Our senior engineers have more than 25 years’ experience of developing the MIM process so we are well placed to comment on issues affecting manufacturers.”

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