CMG Technologies supports EEF’s ‘Make it Britain’ Campaign

EEF's Make it Britain Campaign

CMG Technologies has pledged its support to the EEF’s Make it Britain campaign by joining other UK manufacturers on the official ‘Roll of Honour’.

Developed to highlight the importance of the manufacturing sector to the UK’s economy, ‘Make it Britain’ was launched by the manufacturers organisation in July and since this date has recruited just under 40 British companies who have pledged their support to the campaign.

As the UK’s leading Metal Injection Moulding specialist, CMG Technologies has joined ‘Make it Britain’ in order to highlight the value of its advanced MIM process to the UK manufacturing and engineering sectors.

Unlike other MIM companies, CMG Technologies prides itself on its ability to develop its own unique feedstock solution which allows for the creation of products from any material that is available in powder form, as well as highly intricate, small components that cannot be made using ‘off the shelf’ feedstock.

CMG’s Technology Director, Phil Marsh, confirms, “Developing our own feedstock solutions provides a number of significant cost-saving benefits to our customers, from eliminating expensive secondary operations to enabling us to interchange materials within the same mould tool without expensive tool modifications.”

As all components are produced to a ‘Net Shape’, only using the amount of material required, CMG’s highly qualified engineers are able to produce high-quality complex metal components at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional manufacturing methods – providing significant benefits to a number of industry sectors across the UK and overseas.

CMG’s Sales and Marketing Director, Rachel Garrettcomments “The EEF Make it Britain campaign is an excellent way to remind UK manufacturers of the value associated with UK made goods.

“Here at CMG we are extremely proud of our own advanced MIM process which is helping our customers to become more commercially competitive – allowing them to ‘re-shore’ and purchase mechanical components that are manufactured in the UK, rather than importing from Asia and Europe. We are also exporting 40% of manufactured components to North and South America, Canada, Europe and Asia – further supporting the UK economy.”

To find out more about ‘Make it Britain’ and to view CMG’s Roll of Honour entry please click here.