CMG Technologies Highly Commended in Advanced Manufacturing Awards

Chris - CMG highly commended in awards

CMG Technologies is proud to announce that it was recently recognised for its unique commercial Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) services at the MWP Advanced Manufacturing Awards 2014, which took place in Birmingham in April.

CMG Technologies was ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best Research and Development Project category in recognition of the capabilities of its MIM process which has been developed to produce high quality complex components at reduced costs, with minimal impact on the environment.

CMG’s Managing Director, Chris Conway, attended the awards with Technical and Production Director, Phil Marsh and Sales and Marketing Director, Rachel Garrett.

Chris comments, “CMG Technologies is extremely proud to have received an MWP award as it provides official industry acknowledgement that MIM is a recognised, cost-effective viable alternative to traditional machining methods which are still widely used to produce complex components.”

The MWP Advanced Manufacturing Awards is a biennial event that celebrates inventiveness, ingenuity and imagination in the industry by rewarding the most outstanding engineering companies operating in the UK.

Chris continues, “As an innovative company, we are always aiming to improve the MIM process (link) and have collaborated with several industrial partners and universities in order to expand our knowledge and develop new products using alternative metal materials.”

In the past, small complex components have either been very difficult or too costly to produce using traditional manufacturing methods due to the production of ‘scrap metal’.  

Metal Injection Moulding provides an alternative advanced manufacturing process that only uses the metal required to manufacture the component, helping to minimise environmental impacts and reduce lead times and costs.

Detailed features such as serrations, internal-external threads text and graphic symbols can also be moulded into the part during the process, removing the need for expensive secondary operations.

Chris continues, “CMG Technologies manufactures metal injection moulded components for a range of industry sectors including general industry, automotive, aerospace and medical. All clients benefit from the cost-effective production of complex components produced to a consistently high-quality thanks to our ability to facilitate the entire MIM process in house with an expert team of senior engineers, who boast over 25 years of manufacturing experience.”

For examples of CMG’s innovative and sustainable works please visit the case studies pages on our website.