CMG is proud to be a British manufacturer

Rachel and Phil at CMG

CMG Technologies is leading the way for British production in an ITV documentary.

Based in Rendlesham, Suffolk, the company was filmed for ITV4’s ‘Made in Britain’ to highlight the company’s unique process involved in the manufacture of razor heads for Edwin Jagger Safety Razors.

CMG is the only business in the UK offering metal injection moulding (MIM) – a manufacturing method for metal, which is used to produce precise, complex parts in large quantities with low waste.

Rachel Garrett, director, said: “We are thrilled to be involved in the documentary.

“Not many people know about the process of MIM and how effective it is in producing intricate parts with little waste, so the documentary is great exposure for a somewhat little-known process.

“We have worked with Edwin Jagger Safety Razors for two years, providing them with top and bottom plates for their crafted safety razors, and to be able to show the part that we play in producing a British-made product is fantastic.”

The company has been providing MIM – an alternative to 5-Axis CNC Machining – for more than 20 years and includes supplying scalpels – 40,000 a month – to the NHS.

They also are the first business in the region to work a four-day week allowing staff to strike a better work-life balance while boosting productivity.

The documentary looks at how things are made in Britain and was aired on ITV4 on Wednesday, November 13 at 8pm. 

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