CMG Technologies plays an integral role in helping agricultural businesses thrive. Using expert Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) techniques, CMG can create intricate and durable parts for all machinery types. 

Many companies originally sourced MIM components from overseas due to the cost efficiencies associated with it. However, we offer the entire service in-house, at a similar, if not lower, cost.  

The components we produce for the agriculture industry can be of a reduced weight, while maintaining essential durability. Therefore, our products offer better value for money. Additionally, our MIM process supplies the intricacy required in mechanical parts.  

An agricultural seating company was able to bring production of one of the parts used in a popular tractor brand back to the UK, thanks to CMG Technologies. They manufacture training seats for students learning to operate equipment. The seats need to be folded away when not in use because they are not regularly needed. CMG Technologies used MIM to create detent parts used in the folding mechanism. They were originally created by a Taiwanese company, but our location and competitive pricing made the change an easy choice for the company. 

We also help in the production of sheep shearing clippers on behalf of Lister Shearing, creating vital components for the internal parts of shearing blades. While it is not visible, the essential component makes a big impact – ensuring the smooth movement of the blades. 

The intricacy of MIM allows us to create incredibly detailed components for our clients. Because of the detail within the components, Lister Shearing has been able to patent the design. 

CMG Technologies is an expert in creating intricate components across many different sectors, including agriculture. To find out more about how MIM could help you, visit our Benefits of MIM page.  

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