CMG Technologies expands into 3D metal printing

An engineering firm in Suffolk has defied the pandemic to expand its business to provide 3D metal printing services. 

CMG Technologies, based in Rendlesham, is an internationally renowned expert in Metal Injection Moulding (MIM). It also creates its own range of Fibre Optic Components.  

The multi-award-winning business is now offering 3D printing for sinterable material, such as metal and ceramics. 

Dr Samuel Wilberforce, Head of 3D Printing at CMG Technologies, said: “3D printing is a complimentary technology to our existing MIM. It is perfect for creating components which are very difficult to produce through other methods. 

“We can create small, detailed parts at small quantities with minimum waste.” 

CMG announced a partnership with 3D printing company, 3DGBIRE, in September 2021 to provide sintering services to their printed products. Sintering is the process of heating powdered materials to densify the particle into a strong metal component.  

The Suffolk firm is now offering this service to other companies to benefit their products, as well as 3D printing themselves if clients do not have the capability. 

The technology allows for quick development time while maintaining high quality control. It is considered a green technology as it produces minimum waste, and it can be used to make tailored components.  

Dr Wilberforce continued: “At CMG Technologies, we can provide all our services in-house. Whether it’s using MIM or 3D metal printing, we can produce intricate components from design to completion. We are also developing 3D printing materials to allow our customers to print themselves.” 

Director of the company, Rachel Garrett, added: “It’s been an extremely difficult time for businesses around the world. So, we are very excited and grateful to be able to expand our services. CMG Technologies is a one-stop shop in the UK for high-quality components benefiting products in sectors including medical, agriculture, automotive, aerospace, industrial and more. 

“By offering this technology, whether it’s printing or turning parts into metal, we hope to introduce its benefits to companies around the world.”  

CMG Technologies is internationally renowned for providing expert MIM services and, in 2020, it won an Innovation in Business award at the Suffolk Business Awards for its work creating vital parts for ventilators used in the fight against Covid-19. 

In the same year, it won the Wellbeing Award for the East of England at the Federation of Small Business Awards for treating its staff ethically and introducing a four-day work week in 2015. 

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